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On-site Pooled Saliva rt-PCR Screening

  • - Result within 24 hours
  • - Minimum 50 pax

On-site Saliva RTK Screening

  • - Result within 20 minutes
  • - Minimum 50 pax

Self Administered Saliva RTK Test Kit

  • - Result within 20 minutes
  • - Minimum 25 pax

About Us

Penang Safe is a community-driven non-profit initiative promoted by the Penang State Government and the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers Penang to provide COVID-19 testing solutions for workers that is easily available and affordable in order to support the periodical testing of workers.

Increased screening of workers throughout the workforce will ensure that any infected person can be identified early and isolated so that the risk of infection to others is minimized. This allows the industries to continue operations in a safer manner and support the government’s intention to reopen the economy.

The overarching intention of the program is to assist in implementing a surveillance program at the workplace and to provide periodical mass-screening of workers. In order to achieve the objectives of the program, the following are our specific targets.

  1. To provide gold-standard testing for COVID-19 infection using rt-PCR tests
  2. To provide for workplace testing with rapid reporting of results within 24 Hours
  3. To provide for testing at an affordable cost of RM 60 per pax
  4. To collaborate with and reduce workload burden of existing healthcare providers
  5. To encourage a regular periodical surveillance of the entire workforce

Program Outline


The screening program is available for the industries sector in Penang, who intend to screen their workers for COVID-19 infection at the workplace, based on voluntary enrolment with the Penang Safe program.


Screening shall be done via scheduled collection of individual saliva samples performed in groups at the workplace.


Workers will be provided with video instruction on how to properly collect the required amount of saliva samples, and will again be instructed verbally on how to perform the self-sampling.


Collected saliva samples shall be placed in ice-boxes which will be collected from the site within an hour of the end of the session and delivered to the laboratory for testing.


The saliva samples will undergo pooled saliva testing and the results are expected within 24 Hours.


Results, especially if positive, shall be communicated directly and promptly to the person-in-charge of the company, in order for any isolation measures and decontamination procedures to be expeditiously carried out.


Notification of all results shall be performed via SIMKA, e-Notifikasi and by fax to the relevant health authorities.


Companies shall be provided with information and guidance on how to engage with the health authorities in order to facilitate any further actions deemed necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of testing will depend on the prevalence of infections in the community and the positivity rate of testing done previously. If community prevalence is high and previous testing showed positive results, more frequent testing will be required.

Workers who are grouped together must provide their samples at the same time; as these will be packed as a group. Saliva samples are preferentially collected in groups to facilitate shorter turnaround times to laboratory testing and maintenance of the cold chain to ensure viability of the samples.

Nasopharyngeal testing is the gold standard; but due to its discomfort and need for specialized skills, it is more expensive, more burdensome, takes more time and is less available for mass screening. Pooled saliva sampling is less sensitive, as demonstrated in clinical studies, by a few percentage points which translates to 2 – 3 points increase in CT values. However, since the PCR tests are extremely sensitive in the first place, this loss of sensitivity with pooled saliva sampling is usually insignificant and not clinically important.

Yes. The negative results are reported individually when the group results are negative. The positive results are reported individually only after the results of the individual confirmatory testing are carried out.

Yes. KKM has released a document on testing of pooled samples and a guideline on using deep throat saliva samples for the identification of COVID-19 infection with the rt-PCR test. All methodology as prescribed by KKM are followed by this program.

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